Your Redundant IT ... Contained


The CE Asset Management Secure Container service allows your organisation to store unwanted or redundant electrical and electronic equipment such as computers, telephones, printers, copiers, laptops etc

Frees up space within your buildings, whilst providing a secure weatherproof location

CE Asset Management can provide a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container for a single project from 1 day to 30days, or for larger sites, we will leave a CE Secure container and empty it out at fixed intervals or when we are notified it is full

Whatever we collect from the container is recorded and you receive a Certificate of Environmental Disposal and Data Destruction

Our Services… Free Of Charge

Cost for delivery of container to client site   £0.00
Cost for rental of container to client site   £0.00
Cost for final Removal of container from site   £0.00
Cost for collection of contained material   £0.00
Cost for processing contents of container   £0.00
Cost for certifying disposal & management of collected material   £0.00

Total Cost for Contained Waste Service   £0.00

The service .. Explained

After speaking to our clients during periodic service reviews, we found that there were two main issues surrounding excess and redundant IT equipment.

  • Space

Equipment was being stored in rooms that were required by the demands of the business

  • Security

Finding some way to contain the equipment to prevent theft of equipment or of data stored on equipment

Traditionally, we would arrange to come and collect this equipment, palletise it and bring it into our facility for processing and then provide our clients with certification
Some of our clients who have refresh projects that run over 1week to 3mths periods find that space is at a premium and with contractors on site it becomes difficult to restrict access to data-bearing assets.
Timing is also an issue as project completion dates can be extended or brought forward depending on the needs of the organisation. It becomes difficult to quantify and co-ordinate collections on a traditional basis

The solution

A lockable, weather proof, secure steel container which can be delivered quickly, providing instant, flexible storage. Clients get their office and storage space back and equipment collectionscan be managed on a flexible basis, with collections at set intervals or when we are notified that the container is full

As a responsible recycler, we believe that storing redundant IT in a container rather than in a compound, open to the elements will preserve more of its value, and as Re-use is the best form of recycling, keping it away from rain, snow and british winters will give it the best chance of a second life once repaired or refurbished

So.. what can go into the container?

PCs, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, laptops, PC Accessories and peripherals, Network Equipment, audio/videoEquipment, Security systems, camer, Cable, Disk drives and storage media, office fans, Monitors, Projectors, TFT and CRT displays, Servers, Medical test equipment and monitors, Backup devices, generators, Automotive testing equipment, epos equipment and cash registers

And what should not be put in the container?

Flourescent Tubes. Refridgerators, Office Furniture, Chairs, paper documents and files. Waste packaging from newly installed equipment. Some of this material can be taken but would be chargeable. Full details available on request