Secure Data Erasure

Data Eradication

Data can be eradicated either by software wiping or physical destruction of the drive

Before we can remarket a PC, Server, laptop or Hard Drive the erasure of all existing data from the disk is absolutely critical, and CE Asset Management’s expertise and the use of the most appropriate technology provides secure and cost effective options.

Data Destruction

Cost should be a secondary factor when there is extremely sensitive data on a disk. Many organizations will feel that disk destruction is their preferred option. If that is what they want then this is what we will do, however it is possible to remove data errivocably and still utilise the disk again.
Depending on the level of risk we employ different software. For high risk data, such as data on disks from Finance, Health sector or education clients we would use one of the tools that is approved by UK HMG Infosec up to Enhanced and Baseline standards
For equipment deemed as low risk, we can employ software that performs the same service but at a considerably reduced cost.
The choice will depend on the clients specific need. The CE Asset Management service team can discuss the options, the risk levels and the costs with the client so that the optimal service can be selected on an asset-by-asset basis

On Site Data Destruction

We can perform data destruction on-site or at our processing site. Equipment we bring to site is transported via secure point-to-point logistics, operated by security cleared personnel.

Hidden Data Risk

Many people will be unaware that certain network in equipment and some printers will have hard disk drives or a memory card contained therein which may have  sensitive data stored.
Additionally, networking equipment will often have IP and routing information, which in the wrong hands might make a customer’s site vulnerable to attack if a device is pre-programmed to connect, giving the new owner access to networks or the ability to modify existing network routing.. you can imagine how perilous a situation this would cause

Disk Destruction

Disk destruction methods will vary but will usually mean the drive being out beyond use by platter drilling . Drives are then aggregated with other drives which are then transported securely to a recycler for granulation
CE Asset Manasgement will issue a certificate of destruction, detailing the number of drives which have been physically destroyed and the number of drives which have been wiped using software
All serial numbers are recorded

High Security – On-Site Disk destruction
CE Asset Management can provide a facility for clients who wish to take no risk with their data
We can provide a unit and a fully trained operative which will conduct on-site granulation. This specialist equipment shreds drives into conflake sized pieces after scanning and logging the serial numbers. A report can be generated which certifies that drives have been physically destroyed.
This apparatus is in high demand and would need to be booked. Speak to your CE Asset Management account manager if this service is of interest to you

CE Asset Management Data Management Policy

All data destruction is supported by a ‘Certificate of Data Destruction’.
All data bearing equipment is identified on arrival and streamed to the data eradication team to ensure that nothing is overlooked
Should malfunction prevent the removal of data from media installed in equipment then the data bearing component is removed and physically destroyed
Any data bearing drives that themselves are faulty are subject to physical destruction.
Our process staff undergo rigourous training in existing and new technologies to ensure we are equipped to spot data bearing equipment and how to handle it