Recycle Computers

Effective recycling requires a comprehensive knowledge of the value of constituent parts and the cost effectiveness of applying resource to make repairs or to make good units from parts from other equipment.
The ultimate aim is to reduce the amount of equipment that goes to landfill, and to ensure that any residual waste is then processed in accordance with relevant legislation
The last thing an organisation wants to see is their logo appearing on a pice of equipment on a TV documentary about illegal dumping of waste.
At CE we have set ourself the goal of Zero landfill. As a licensed WEEE refurbisher our approach redundant equipment is to use one of the basic philosophies of Recycling

“The best way to recycle is to re-use”

Using a good screen from a faulty laptop to replace a damaged one in an otherwise working unit is one example
pooling memory, hard drives and piower supplies to maximise the yield of a batch of desktops or servers is another

We then ensure that waste is agregated to maximise return. we use only fully accredited Recycling partners and will seek out the best prices for recyclate. this in turn makes our recycling service more profitable, keeping our operating costs down and our service costs for our clients as low as possible.
We also track innovative solutions that emerge in the marketplace, such as processes that recover lead from old CRT Monitors or even conversion of old CRT Monitors into televisions.

This has the dual benefit of showing good environmental stewardship as well as helping to acheive the zero landfil tagets within the industry

Adding Value

The net result is CE Asset management is able to demonstrate efficient and responsible practices in the management of our client’s redundant IT. Our clients benefit from lower processing costs, leaving more of the sales revenue available for profit share, in addition to satisfying their environmental policy requirements.