IT Remarketing

CE Asset Management have considerable expertise in remarketing IT equipment. Many remarketing businesses are comfortable remarketing PC’s and laptops but lack the expertise to find solutions for more technical equipment and the experience to ensure that returns are optimised by finding the best market for every class of equipment

Domestic Sales
We have contracts in place to provide equipment for on-line and high street resellers at every grade and price point
We also speak daily with the trade market place fulfilling their ongoing requirements
We carefully select products for which on-line auction or real world uaction  is the best route for resale

Specialist sales
A proportion of our equipment is sold directly into the UK Maintenance arena and to specialist businesses, such as AV installers, Network installers, Comms Specialists etc. This requires us having specialist knowledge of both the products and the sales mechanisms in each marketplace

Overseas sales
A growing proportion of our equipment is sold into emerging markets, typically in Asia and Africa. this complements our regular European sales business and ensures that our clients CSR requirements are met. This market often offers the only realstic market for equipment which is fully funtional and usable, but is otherwise considered too old to be of interest to customers in the more mature UK and European marketplace

Charitable Donation
With client agreement, we can provide IT systems at a reduced price or for free to registered and verified charities, domestically or in developing countries. This allows our clients to demonstrate their charibable aims as well as reducing the amount of equipment which may otherwise go to recycling