IT Asset Management

Asset Management is not simply the creation of a list or spreadsheet of equipment received. Done properly it should provide clients with a comprehensive audit trail for each asset and the flexibility to drive the right equipment through the right processes to maximise return and reduce un-necessary costs

A unique asset ID
Conscise description
The status of data if it is a data bearing asset such as a Hard Drive or tape unit
Customer’s own asset references
Lease return information such as Lease ID ref and return Date
Product Grading
Technical report

Our processes have been refined over many years using lean management Kaizen principles to ensure that we work systematically and efficiently. This means we can offer cost effective services to our clients, which are robust, consistent and measurable.

The Asset Management process begins when we first engage with a client. We discuss their service requirements on either a standard basis or on a project-by-project basis. We will then create an SLA for the client which enshrines the services we will perform and the timelines for reporting and return of revenue.

Our Logistics function will handle the creation of collections from customer sites.  Each collection reference has its own unique log number and assets processed from each collection have a unique ID which ties them to that collection. This means that individual reports are generated for each site and collection

The collection paperwork covers all aspects from Site access, type of vehicle, specific lifting or handling requirements etc. We know how frustrating it would be if the wrong vehicle arrives, ill equipped to handle kit, or arrives late. Professional Asset Management is about the details.. We leave nothing to chance. The client will be contacted by our logistics partner and all the details agreed. The client receives an email in advance setting everything out together with contact info for logistics and your CE Asset Management account manager.

Once equipment arrives in our processing team will co-ordinate collections in SLA order and the innitial audit is conducted. We only conduct testing and grading on equipment that meets minimum specification thresholds. All data bearing equipment is idenified and quarantined pending either data wiping or physical destruction depending on the contract.
The audit report is then provided to the client and the equipment is then processed either for resale or for environmental disposal.

Our clients retain full control over equipment at every stage. We manage lease returns, charitable donations and redeployments back to client site or other locations in accordance with the clients needs.

Equipment that is to be remarketed is offered for sale using a multi-channel approach to maximise returns. We remarket equipment to business end-users, product specialist resellers, Overseas clients, retailers and the general public through our sales team or through auction including on line services.

The project is complete when we report revenue to the client and rebate the clients share. This will in most instances exceed the cost incurred for services and recycling

The Certification of Environmental Disposal and Data Destruction will be issued once invoices are raised. Timescales will vary depending on the volume of equipment and the level of processing required, however it is always our aim to exceed the SLA guidelines and return as much as possible as quickly as possible. Equipment is not simply added passively to a stocklist and stored in our warehouse. It is proactively targetted to a base of more than 4000 active clients across the UK and overseas

At CE Asset Management, we know we offer extremely competitive services, unrivalled customer service, impressive returns and a flexible, secure and professional process.
To discuss your ogoing needs or a specific project please call us on 0161 773 5712 for a no-obligation chat or to arrange an appointment at your site with one of the services team

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